To the wildest thoughts

We as humans are the craziest being of all, crazy enough to have wild thoughts, put them down and create them.
We were crazy enough to even land on the moon, and without staying outside the box, we would have never reached these heights.
In the past, when the mildest thought of flying made one feel like a crazy person, we went on and built an aeroplane.
This wonderful world that we live in today achieved success and growth by being wild and crazy. Without the wildest imaginations, how can someone create something different than the usual?!
Being foolish and absurd is necessary for one’s survival and growth; the creative mind’s brain should indulge in “divergent thinking”.
Creative thinking is the beginning of everything; it’s the first-hand man who creates and discovers the first wheel, fire, gravity, and the rest follow the lead, and it becomes everyone’s survival mode; and without the wildest thoughts, one cannot indulge into their creative self.
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