Volume 3


We, as humans, are the craziest being of all, crazy enough to even land on the moon. 
In the past, when the mildest thought of flying made one feel like a crazy person, we went on and built an aeroplane. 
This wonderful world that we live in today achieved success and growth by being wild and crazy.
Being foolish and absurd is necessary for one’s survival and growth; the creative mind’s brain should indulge in “divergent thinking”. 
In this issue of Jam Today, we’ll read about the crazy creators, the brain function of creative geniuses and how creativity links to craziness. 
While on this journey, we meet Katrin Roth, a painter who leads the way with nature by developing paintings and prints from studying various landscapes. 
Further, we meet Paula Atelier, a ceramic artist who creates with the inspiration of nature and how light and shadows create shapes. 
The rest of the stories in this issue cover the engrossing roots and scenes of abstract images created by various creative artists.
Details: Digital Magazine, with 108 pages


To know the details of the photos and photographers please flip to the end
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