Katrin Roth

A painter who leads the way with Nature


How do you begin? 
I try to start without any influence from finished artworks. It is essential for me to feel free and open to the painting process. The first decision is to choose the canvas size and a small colour palette. Over the last years, I have seen so many places and collected different memories of landscapes and natural areas that some of these memories come back through my painting. Sometimes I have an idea about composition, but I may change it every time throughout the process if needed. You can start each day with the same canvas size and colours, but it will come out when you’re open to something new. That’s what I really like when painting.
How did you develop this style of painting? 
It has been a long journey to develop my painting style; it took me many years. After studying art, I decided to stay with the landscape theme and wanted to see where this path took me. I like being outside in nature. In the stillness of nature, I absorb energy, and everything becomes so clear. My first artworks were naturalistic; I painted plain air outdoors – in the tradition of the Impressionists. Then, I developed the Vertical series from the forest theme. For example, I reduced the forest to vertical stripes and played with trees or spaces between them. In my current landscapes, I play with the traditional composition of the landscape horizontally. I often cut the composition in two areas with different colours and brushstrokes.


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