The feelings

No matter what the art, we always experience an emotion or a feeling looking at it, we might feel happy, sad, angry, disgust or can even get shivers down our spine while looking at an art piece, but one thing it does not fail to do is, it does not make us feel numb. On the contrary, it evokes emotions in every one of us.
The feelings we experience while creating or perceiving art is so natural and pure that we become one with it.
As said by Saul Bellow, “To begin with, the artist had only himself; he descended within himself, and in the lonely regions to which he descended, he found ‘the terms of his appeal.’
He appealed to that part of our being which is a gift, not an acquisition, to the capacity for delight and wonder, our sense of pity and pain, to the latent feeling of fellowship with all creation, and to the subtle but invincible conviction of solidarity that knits together the loneliness of innumerable hearts; which binds together all humanity, the dead to the living and the living to the unborn.”
Creating art is so powerful and soothing that it helps one connect with himself and the world he’s living in. It’s the one way through which a person acquires freedom and liberty to express himself without the fear of being judged.
Today, many have started taking art therapy for emotional and mental stability; it helps express emotions, feelings, and ones’ inner world.


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