When film meets art!

When film meets art!
Paintings, the oldest form of art!
Since ancient times, painting has been the most common method of interaction between people. Even when man didn’t discover language, they learnt how to communicate with each other and the future beings with the help of drawings and paintings.
People are inspired by it consciously or unconsciously.
So today, when film meets art, we look back at all the paintings created in the past centuries; they have somehow inspired many creators, be it in the fashion industry, film industry, theatres or even the painters of today.
Together with paintings, films have formed a tremendous impression in our lives; both things bring alive our imaginations of the other world, one without motion and the other with it; so what happens when film meets art and these two mediums collide? We get a supernatural world engulfed with colours, motions, emotions, feelings that grow vividly in our eyes and body.


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When we see a painting, our mind projects a gauze of imagination, and when that painting comes alive in the frame of the movie, that’s when we feel it. The feeling is so vigorous that we become a part of the scene; it touches us, moves us and inspires us.
So, when these paintings become an inspiration for the movie, they help us relive the moment with content. Magic is created when film meets art, and we are lucky to witness this magical creation.
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