Travel to the unheard place of Georgia

Incredible, Surreal, Magical
When we say Georgia, most people think of the state of Georgia in the US. But, unfortunately, only a few people know of Georgia, the country, and most of us won’t be able to place it on a map.
This little known country shares borders with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Georgia country has a rich history as it was a part of the Silk Road and has been affected by its political relationship with Russia.
Thankfully, it is not a tourist hotspot yet, and Georgia country still retains its beauty in nature, fine wine and good food.
You can notice the bustling city of Tbilisi in its full glory during a Saturday night, where street musicians and artists selling their artworks are all around, even at midnight. Along with the majestic ancient Georgian buildings, you can observe some modern architectural marvels in Georgia. It’s a flawless blend of West and Eastern Europe. Then, within just two hours of driving in any direction away from Tbilisi, the scenery will completely immerse you into breathtaking views.
The place is surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the background, crystal-clear lakes, and all autumn shades in front of your eyes, with no sign of modern civilization.
It feels incredible, surreal, magical and hopeful all at once.
While also visiting a place as beautiful as Georgia country, we often get lost in the camera lens and miss appreciating the place; so, why not figure out if a camera lens is better or an eye lens?


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