Sonali Patel

A bag designer who dreams of colours of rainbows and constructs one under the brand name ‘Our Slug Life’
How did you come up with this colour palette?
In a market full of boring neutral choices of colours, we surely knew ‘Our Slug Life’ would stand for bright hues of life, happiness and young spirit!
The personalities of both of our co-founders are such that playfulness, depth, variety, and cheerfulness define us, and these colours precisely reflect that on our range.
Also, did I tell you we offer our cyclists to pick their choice of colour in all custom made gear?
What brought this idea of creating bags for bicycle riders?
To answer this question, I’ll have to begin with the origin of Our Slug Life.
Our Slug Life was initially co-founded in 2016 by my partner Sudhanshu and me as a platform to share our slow travel experiences, life and the conscious ways of living it. We believe slow is the way to go.
What is life if it’s not about the little experiences we go through every day? 2016 was also when Sudhanshu started self-supported solo tours across the country on his bicycle.
To cut a long story short, the primary driving force of now being India’s first custom bike-packing gear making business was the lack of availability of good technical equipment that Sudhanshu went through in the initial years of touring in India.
The vision for Our Slug Life gradually grew more extensive; we wanted to expand into a project for us to work on in the future together as a team, shining light onto the community of cyclists and like-minded people.
Years down the lane, the Pandemic Corona Virus brought led us to kickstart our dream project of adding a custom adventure bag-making business under our umbrella.
What is your brand’s motive?
Our motive is simple. We want to bring top-quality technical adventure gear to our country India, which is also made in India. We want to create a better experience for riders by providing all the necessary luggage to fulfil their dream of the outdoors.
This interview is from Jam Today Volume Two – Goa. To access the full interview click here
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