Siddhi Laad

A chef who combines her passion for food and painting through her art
Siddhi Laad paintings
What are you trying to represent with your paintings?
I am most likely to be inspired by food or seasons and their interaction with the world around them. I take things that I observe around me and try to showcase them in an abstract form through my paintings. 
Professionally you are a chef, but you love creating paintings, so have you ever combined these two elements? And what are you trying to say through it?
Both food and art have been my creative outlets from a young age. I was able to be creative in my food and plating while studying at culinary school. Ever since then, I have continued to incorporate art into food. As for creating paintings, I get inspired by the fantastic food ingredients that every season has to offer and food waste which is the sad reality of food production. I am trying to showcase the less glamorous parts of food by creating paintings and starting conversations around them.
“I paint because it always felt second nature to me.”
What is making art to you? Why do you paint?
Making art means using my knowledge, observations and things that inspire me the most to shed light on topics that often don’t get mentioned in everyday conversations. I paint because it always felt second nature to me. I am always learning new techniques, but some form of painting has been a constant for me from a young age. 
We noticed a distinct style and colour story in your paintings; do you think about the colours and style before painting on the canvas, or do you go with the flow of your brushes?
Hahaha, I love this question! I often think about the colour scheme and the idea before I start painting. But I don’t limit myself when it comes to mixing paints. If I mix some colours and create a colour that I am not too familiar with, I take that as a challenge and incorporate it into my paintings. I have my tools handy, but I go with the flow when it comes to the style and techniques of creating artworks. 
Do you always have a conceptual idea before making a painting?
Not always; I’ve learnt that I have a conceptual idea only when I have been making larger paintings. I start with an idea for all other paintings, but it’s more of a learning opportunity to practice my techniques. 
Are you a different person when you paint?
Let’s just say that I am the same person, but I tend to get lost in another world when I paint. Sometimes I paint for a couple of hours straight without noticing that I have skipped a few meals. I also see that I tend to be more focused on painting when I am tired after a whole day of work. It is the reason I started experiencing a creative drought when the pandemic began, and all of a sudden, there was nothing to do. 
In the next five years, where do you see yourself as an artist?
In the next five years, I see myself more involved in the arts community as a volunteer and an artist. I want to learn more, connect with artists worldwide, and grow in the artist community. 
Do you have a website or a social media link where our community can follow your work?
Yes, I created my website just over a year ago. You can follow my work at