Great design endures

We live in a world filled with designers and great designs, and all the virtuosos have their own set of beliefs and values, one that defines their design philosophy.
That stays untainted regardless of the demands of the commercial world, the critics or the patrons. Media pushes content that they think one wants to see. Most people don’t bother to find out what they genuinely like. Hence, the top charts, award ceremonies, and Michelin stars make it very easy for us to decide what we ‘should’ like or dislike, no matter how bad or great the design is. Anyone who falls in this category is considered significant, and everyone else, an amateur.
But no two people can work the same or like the same things. So thousands of great designs, designers and artists go unnoticed because they choose to function by their own rules that society can’t comprehend. The truth is when one does believe in implementing their value into their work, that’s when they create something fabulous, original and different.
Great design demands unconventionally.
We remember the genius scientists and painters who had an original idea, who didn’t care about the norms. They spent their whole lives working on projects that they truly believed in; society mocked them for their greatness, but that didn’t stop them from creating great designs.
The truth is great design endures because of its originality, individuality and authenticity.
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