Sushant Sharma

Find Me On Walls; an artist who showers the light of colours on the walls of Himachal Pradesh
How did your journey begin as an artist?
My cousin’s family is the only one who was into art, they are into pottery, and the rest of my family are into the government and private corporate sectors. So, while I was doing BCA, in my second year, I started painting on my walls. At that time I didn’t know anything about paints or paintbrushes.
I just started painting with Kajal(black eye care product).
So while doing that, I asked painters and muralists about the type of paints they used and began painting more and more with colours. Then one day a girl came, she said, you can choose this as a career and this was the time I was searching for a part-time job too. Our education system never taught us that you could choose the art field as a career. So yes, and if I had known this before, I would have done BFA.
So, I started working with professional artists in Delhi who make murals. We were like a group of friends, who all painted. We took commission work. We have painted metro stations walls, and Delhi is a place where you’ll find all kinds of artists.
For example, if you don’t want to spend much on the artwork, you will get affordable artists; you’ll get expensive artists if you wish to have costly artwork. So, there was a lot of competition. 
I learned the basics from professionals and then started ‘Find Me On Walls’; I began my journey there and moved to Himachal(my home town). I created my first mural in Himachal in Andretta, the artists’ village.
What do you think making art is?
Making anything is not art; you have to pour some feeling into it; it should make a bit of sense so that people can connect to it. Murals, I think, are for this, for people to communicate with it.