Volume 7


Typefaces and fonts are as important in design and branding as ever.
This issue of Jam Today focuses on the typeface and its designers. After all, our world is incomplete without a beautiful-looking letter. We walk through the history of typefaces and the designers who shaped the typeface industry.
We read about Carol Twombly, one of the most influential type designers and female artists. She transformed the significance of type design.
Further, we go on to read the interview of Lorenz Gianfreda from Buro Destruct, who believes that ‘A font is never complete’.
Through the magnificent visuals of typeface designs, we turn the page to read about Astrae Studio. Carl-Emil Storm Gabrielsen and Jesper Uttrup formed this studio through their visionary partnership.
But, the talk about typeface designers is incomplete without talking about Matthew Carter, a designer who changed the world of typefaces and embarked on his career as a punchcutter.
Then we move on to the interview of Alisa Burzic, a designer inspired by modern architecture to create her letterforms.
We conclude the volume with Range Left, a studio that offers a different way of looking at letters, symbols and numbers.
Details: Digital Magazine, with 166 pages
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