Volume 5


Artspace is not just a room created by humans; if we observe it, it is everywhere. It is our surrounding itself. Each city and country has different daylight, art elements and natural objects. We can see many things as art if we dare to observe closely.
In this issue of Jam Today, we see how each space displays various moods and different artworks and how each area matters. The space of museums, exhibitions and our planet significantly impacts the visual understanding of art for the spectator.
With the flipping of pages, we comprehend how valuable our planet is as a space and how differently each place displays its creation.
With this understanding, we walk through the arts and artists of Kochi Biennale, India’s most significant art festival in Kerala, a place that is known as ‘God’s own country’. We can see how each space narrates various moods for the artwork and how we experience a shift in the mood with the space change.
Details: Digital Magazine, with 118 pages
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